How Can I Avoid Staining My Teeth?

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When someone smiles, the first thing people will notice is their teeth. If your teeth are not as much shiny as you will want to like them, then most probably, you avoid to smile or showing your teeth in front of others. White, sparkling teeth have become a symbol of exquisiteness in today’s world. Moreover, this trend is not as new as we think. In prehistoric Egypt, sparkling white teeth was the symbol of wealth and beauty.

Everyone wants a bright or shiny smile, but excessive consumption of dark drinks, foods, and bad habits results in stain deteriorate as well as harm your teeth. If you want to preserve that an incredible smile and keep your teeth white, then prevent staining your teeth.

Here are a few ways that you can use to maintain stainless and pearly white teeth.

Avoid Food That Stains Your Teeth

Diet is the most important factor related to dull and dirty looking teeth. Some foods contain natural food pigmentation that can lead to stains and dull the natural enamel of the teeth. These foods like ice-cream, chocolates, bakery goods etc. consist of high sugar. One key point to remember is that when these sugary foods are consumed, they produce double the bacteria in the mouth affecting the gums and teeth. Therefore, rinsing the mouth or brushing it after having sweet is a must.

Avoid Smoking

Dental hygiene becomes even more difficult for smokers, and coffee and tea drinkers. Caffeine nicotine and tar available in tobacco products are serious culprits for destroying a beautiful smile. If you are a smoker, chances are you also consume tea or coffee, which is double trouble.

Avoid Dark Drinks

Dark-colored cola drinks and strong-flavored energy drinks have both the known to stain your teeth. Therefore, avoid these drinks if you want to maintain a shiny smile. It is also the case with some dark-colored foods like black pasta, dark grapes, berries, brinjals, deed root, etc.

Avoid Poor Oral Hygiene

Common dental problems are usually because of poor dental hygiene and oral health. Using a good quality toothbrush and a variety of toothpaste twice a day is usually enough for most people. The world dental health association recommends switching toothpaste brands every two months. Throw out your old toothbrush, because good quality toothpaste also ensures that your teeth gleam and sparkle. It is important to get a good quality brush every two months. If you see the bristles of your toothbrush bending, it is time to change it. In addition, don’t forget to brush your tongue. Another reason for eating fruits and vegetables is that they also clean the tongue. It can also be done while gently scrubbing the tongue with your toothpaste while brushing.

Avoid Drugs

Drugs not only lead to the other side effects within your body, but they can also harm your teeth. For instance, cocaine drug that can have major impact on your teeth. By spreading cocaine on the gums, you are limiting oxygen, nutrient, and blood from circulating into the teeth and gums. As we know that gums grip your teeth in place, so by consuming cocaine, you weaken the capability of the gums to grip your teeth in place.  

By following all these tips, you can keep your smile bright and shiny.  

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