Is Teeth Tarter or Plaque Curable?


Both tarter and plaque build up on our teeth over time, and good oral hygiene with brushing and flossing can help to remove plaque and tarter, and keep your teeth looking great. Ultimately, Tarter and plaque are not curable, but can be prevented.

At The Foleck Center, we are the leading dentist in Virginia Beach, VA, and provide quality preventative care for patients of all ages. We are a full-service practice, and offer many services from general dentistry to cosmetic dentistry, and many more.

How Can I Prevent Tarter or Plaque Buildup?

Patients can prevent tarter or plaque by practicing good oral hygiene habits and attending their regular visits to our office. Plaque forms on the teeth from sugars and bacteria and is the cause of decay and gum disease. To remove plaque patients must brush and floss their teeth each day. Tarter is calcified plaque or calculus, and can be above or below the gum line. Tarter builds up over time if proper brushing and flossing is not done. Food and bacteria build up and accumulate on your teeth and gums.

We recommend that patients visit our office at least twice a year for their dental cleaning and exam. If you notice you have plaque buildup and are looking for a dentist near you, we encourage you to contact our office. Dental cleanings can remove plaque and tarter build up and ensure your gums are healthy. Leaving sticky tarter or plaque on your teeth over time can lead to gum disease or other more serious health issues.

Our hygienists and doctors work together to clean your teeth, take x-rays, and perform a detailed exam of your mouth and gums. This allows us to monitor the health of your teeth and get in front of any issues or cavities.

Looking for Dental Cleanings in Virginia Beach?

If you are looking for dental exams in Virginia Beach, contact The Foleck Center for quality and affordable dental care. Our doctors have years of experience, and our staff is highly trained to provide exceptional care. We welcome patients of all ages and are trained to work with children. Come experience the difference at The Foleck Center!

The Foleck Center offers a wellness membership program that gives patients another payment option for services in our office. The program includes different plans and offers discounts on services. Ask one of our team members for details!

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