Emergency Dentistry in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Hampton


Emergency dentistry is an essential part of a dentist’s life. Emergency dentistry is required in the case of a dental emergency. A dental emergency is one where the patient has suffered injuries to their teeth that would require immediate treatment. These injuries could include teeth that have been knocked out or forced out or teeth that are fractured or loose. Other injuries could include cuts, bruise or wounds to the gums, cheeks or lips.

Any patient that demonstrates any of these injuries will require urgent dental care and will need the services of an emergency dentist. In most cases, it is critical that the patient visits an emergency dentist within 30 minutes. If emergency dentistry is not provided for such injuries, there is a risk that the patient might lose their tooth altogether. Urgent dental care is thus essential in emergency situations.

There are many people who need emergency dental services for a variety of reasons. In the majority of these cases, the emergency occurs simply because the individual has never been to the dentist before and has had no education on preventive or urgent dental care. In other cases, the individual ignores the dental symptoms they can no longer put up with them. For some unknown reason, dental emergency dental services are often required at night or during the weekends. Unfortunately, this is often the time when it is difficult to quickly find an emergency dentist or receive urgent dental care.


What Qualifies As A Dental Emergency?


In general, a dental emergency is said to occur when the individual has a broken tooth or has multiple teeth knocked out, has severe pain because of an infection of the gums or the tooth or has suffered a major laceration of the gums and mouth. In such a situation, there is no choice but to seek emergency dental services from an emergency dentist.


How Do You Know You Need Urgent Dental Care?


In most dental emergencies, one may experience excruciating pain that is not relieved by regular pain medications. There may also be situations where the individual has profuse bleeding in the mouth, fever, is unable to eat or has pus coming out from the gums. There are also situations that require urgent dental care but do not present themselves with severe symptoms. These emergency dentistry situations could include loose/cracked tooth or multiple teeth that have been knocked out. For example, in an ice hockey game, a player may get hit in the face and have their front teeth knocked out. This is a classic example of an emergency dentistry situation that requires emergency dental services. An emergency dentist should be contacted immediately.


What Should You Do In A Dental Emergency?


When a dental emergency occurs, one should see an emergency dentist as soon as possible. If you require emergency dental services at night, you should know that most dental clinics are not open during that time. Your best option is to go to the emergency department to find some temporary relief or find an emergency dentist if possible.


These days you may be able to find an emergency dentist who operates on the weekends. They are your best option for emergency dental services.  If you are unable to do so, you can contact other dental clinics. Dentists are aware of dental emergencies and often make time to see patients who need emergency dental services if they visit their clinic. In fact, some dentists will even cancel their regular patients so that they can attend to the emergency first. Emergency dentistry is fast becoming an integral component of dental services, and there are many emergency dentists now available who are able and willing to help patients who are in need of emergency dental services.

Can Dental Emergencies Be Prevented?


The biggest problem with dental health is that people do not take it seriously enough. Somehow, there is this perception that our teeth will take care of themselves. People often convince themselves that they brush their teeth twice a day and so they are never going to have any dental issues. This is a false perception. Things can happen. Infections can occur. Teeth can break. Teeth can also be knocked out. One can have a bad fall and have their teeth misplaced or broken. All these situations do occur and may require the services of an emergency dentist.


But there are also certain dental conditions that could have been prevented from turning into dental emergencies. These preventive measures include:

  • Visiting a dentist regularly so that any disease or disorder in your mouth can be identified before it becomes a problem
  • Brushing teeth twice a day and flossing once a day. This should be part of your daily routine.
  • Eating a healthy diet
  • Avoiding foods with too much sugar and limit the intake of fruit juices and cola beverages
  • Wearing appropriate face shield and mouth guard to protect your mouth and face if you play sports.
  • Not using your mouth as a vise and opening bottles
  • Following up with a dentist regularly if you are a diabetic


Is A Broken Tooth A Dental Emergency?


A broken or cracked tooth is a situation often seen in emergency dentistry. If you have a broken tooth, you need to see an emergency dentist immediately. You should always try to collect the piece(s) of the broken bone. Wrap the broken pieces up in a moist cloth and call an emergency dentist right away. With a broken tooth, the sooner you see an emergency dentist, the more likely it is that the damaged tooth can be repaired or fixed.


What If One Of My Molars Or Permanent Tooth Falls Out?


If one of your molar or a permanent tooth falls out, gently hold the tooth at the side and rinse it with warm water and place it on a moist cloth. If the tooth is dangling out of the socket, then hold it in place with your finger by pressing on the cheek. Never handle the tooth by its root because this can result in damage to the growth bearing capability of the tooth, which can make it impossible to reattach the tooth in the socket with success. Call an emergency dentist immediately or get an appointment with a dental surgeon as soon as possible. Remember, time is of the essence. This is exactly why the field of emergency dentistry exists. The success rate of reattachment of a permanent tooth is very high if one gets to an emergency dentist quickly.


How Does One Manage Pain During A Dental Emergency?


First and foremost, you should visit an emergency dentist if you have a dental emergency. In the meantime, if you have severe pain, you can take a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) like ibuprofen. Do not take aspirin as this medication acts as a blood thinner and can worsen bleeding during surgery in case the emergency dentist determines that is what you need. Clove oil may also help relieve mild pain. The important thing to do is get emergency dental services.


How Do I Manage A Laceration On The Gums?


If you have a gum laceration that is profusely bleeding, apply a moist cloth and compress it with your fingers. Get to an emergency dentist. In most cases, the bleeding will slow down from digital compression but make sure you do not cause more damage with forceful pressure. Do not attempt to stop the bleeding with any instruments or chemicals in the home. Let a professional deal with this situation as you don’t have the skills nor the experience to figure out how to manage a dental emergency.


How Do I Remove A Foreign Object Caught Between My Teeth?


Sometimes pieces of food, string, rope or even a thin wire can get caught in between the teeth. At home, you may try to remove it with dental floss but never use a sharp instrument like a needle as you may cause more damage. If you are unable to pass the dental floss between the teeth or the object cannot be removed by dental floss, contact a dentist as soon as possible.


Is Losing A Dental Filling Or Crown A Dental Emergency?


In most cases, losing a dental filling or crown is not a dire emergency. In any case, a visit to a dentist is required. Even though many pharmacies do sell temporary cement, most consumers would have a hard time filling the cement without proper equipment. One can use sugar-free gum to coat the tooth, but this is only, of course, a temporary measure.


Does A Jaw Fracture Require Emergency Care?


Any fracture of the jaw is a real dental emergency. The pain can be excruciating; you may not be able to open your mouth, eat food or even speak. Jaw injuries are usually associated with facial trauma and may also involve other adjacent organs. The best recommendation is to seek immediate emergency care at the nearest hospital.


Is There A Dental Kit For Emergencies At Home?


One can be prepared for a dental emergency in the home by preparing a kit. There are commercial dental kits that include a dental mirror, dental floss, a small light, a gel containing a local anesthetic, orthodontic wax, cotton balls, swabs and saline solution. The next time you see a dentist, you may ask the dental technician how to use the kit in case of a dental emergency.


Do Emergency Dentistry Situations Cost A Lot Of Money?


The cost of a dental emergency really depends on the injury. Of course, the cost of fixing a chipped tooth is much less than reattaching a permanent tooth back in the socket. Most insurance companies cover the cost of dental emergencies, with a small co-payment. In any case, ask the cost upfront if you are not insured. Dentists do have a variety of payment plans so that you can get your dental emergency taken care off and not suffer anymore. Most dental emergencies cannot be managed at home. It is thus important to seek immediate medical attention.

Dental Care At The Foleck Center

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, look no further. You can call us at The Foleck Center. We have three locations in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Hampton. Our regular business hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. But we are always here to cater to any patients who require emergency care. You can call our clinic’s emergency phone number, and our on-call staff member will be there to assist you.

Our goal at The Foleck Center is to take care of our patients, no matter what the time or how early or late it is. Your dental health is important, and that is why we want to make sure you get the treatment you require as soon as possible. Emergency dentistry is our priority, and we want to make sure you have access to high-quality dentistry as and when you need it.

Make sure that you know a dental emergency when you see one. If you have a bitten lip or tongue, a broken or cracked tooth or teeth, a broken jaw, a knocked out permanent tooth, an object caught between your teeth or a severe toothache, do not hesitate to call The Foleck Center, and our staff will be able to assist you.

We realize that a dental emergency can be difficult to handle. This is especially true if you have excruciating pain and/or bleeding. Most people don’t know what to do in case of a dental emergency since these situations are quite rare. But they can occur, and when they do, they can be very painful. Don’t panic. Contact our emergency staff and make sure you get to an emergency dentist right away. Under no circumstances should you delay treatment. Dental emergency care is available. Call an experienced dentist at The Foleck Center.