Same Day Crowns in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, & Hampton, VA

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps that are placed over a tooth to cover it and to enable it to restore its natural shape, size, strength, and appearance. Dental crowns encase the portion of the tooth that is visible.


Dental crowns may be used for the following reasons:


  • To hold a cracked tooth together
  • To protect a tooth from decay
  • To protect a tooth from breaking
  • To restore a broken or worn out tooth
  • To cover a large filling and to offer support to the tooth
  • To hold a dental bridge
  • To cover a discolored or misshaped tooth
  • To cover a tooth implant


For people who need traditional tooth crowns, the treatment requires a minimum of two sessions with the dentist. It usually takes a minimum of 7-14 days to restore a damaged tooth.

With traditional dental crowns, the dentist first makes an impression of your tooth with a gel-like material and then based on the condition of your tooth, they will recommend the best tooth crowns for you.


Since dental crowns are used quite commonly in dental care, many dentists now offer same day crowns. Same day crowns are just that – you walk into the dentist’s office in the morning and by noon you have your tooth crown. The entire process will be complete in one day. Same day crowns are as effective as traditional tooth crowns and are quick and easy to get done.


Same day crowns are most suitable for patients who need a quick solution, or those who do cannot fit more than one session in their schedule.


Types of Dental Crowns


There are three types of tooth crowns which include:


  1. Ceramic/Porcelain Crowns which are usually colored tooth crowns and are used for the front teeth. Dentists usually avoid putting metal tooth crowns on the front teeth as they can be visually unappealing. Porcelain crowns, on the other hand, have a much better look and feel for the front teeth.
  2. Metal tooth crowns are made from various alloys or combination of metal ores. Metal tooth crowns are much more durable than porcelain crowns and are ideal for the back teeth as they can sustain a significant amount of stress.
  3. Combination of Porcelain crowns and metal tooth crowns  are used more frequently today. To improve strength and better bonding, the metal is used on the inside of the tooth, and the outer surface is covered with porcelain crowns. This is more effective for tooth repair and also visually more appealing.


How Are Traditional Dental Crowns Prepared


For all dental crowns, the dentist will first take an impression of the patient’s tooth and then have the dental crown made for them. The impression of the tooth is then sent to a dental laboratory, which then makes customized dental crowns. This process often takes several weeks. Patients are informed when their dental crowns are ready.


In the meantime, the dentist will fit temporary dental crowns to protect the tooth until the permanent crown is ready. The temporary crown is made of a resin and may be uncomfortable as the fit is not always perfect. In addition, patients are often required to modify their dietary habits to prevent the temporary crown from dislodging. Certain hard foods like nuts and fruits should be avoided. In other words, the temporary crown is only a short-term solution. Once the customized crown is ready, the patient will be treated.


When you return for the fitting of the permanent crown, the dentist will make minor adjustments and then glue the crown to the tooth. In very rare cases, minor adjustments are still needed, and you may need a third appointment. For most people, the traditional crown treatment could require two sessions. This can be inconvenient for some patients, and that is where same day crowns come in.


Same day crowns


Over the years, dental treatments have become much more advanced. Patients now have access to treatment options that were not available before. As dental technology continues to improve, crows have also improved. Dentists now offer same day crowns. Same day crowns are made of ceramic and are often referred to as CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration Ethical Ceramics) crowns. To make same day crowns, dentists use a computer-aided design software.


Same day crowns are now offered at most dental clinics and are known to be very convenient for patients. These crowns are ready to go in one single session. The dentist prepares your tooth and uses computer-aided design to make a ceramic crown. Same day crowns are then fixed to your tooth the same day. It may take anywhere from 2-3 hours for placement of these crowns.


A major advantage of same days crowns is that patients can get the treatment they need in one single session and they don’t require any temporary crowns. Also, there is less preparation or filling required with same day crowns as compared to a traditional crown.


Unlike the traditional crown, same day crown placement does not require a prior impression of your tooth. Instead, the dentist will utilize an intraoral flexible camera that can obtain 3D images of your tooth. The camera is tiny and attached to the small thin instrument; hence, to obtain the image of the tooth is not uncomfortable or painful. The images are usually obtained in a matter of minutes.


With the aid of a computer, the dentist then designs a 3D digital image of your tooth and crown. The computer-aided design software ensures that the measurements are precise and the fit is perfect. The image of your tooth is screened for all ridges, indentations, pits, and fissures and the crown is designed so that it covers these areas precisely. Once the final design is ready, a mill-machine is used to make a replica of the design to make a crown from a block of ceramic. This process only takes 2-3 minutes, and the crown is ready. The dentist can then fix the crown to your tooth with a special glue.


Benefits of Same Day Crowns


  • The biggest benefit is the time that patients can save with a same day crown. Everything can be completed in one session. You do not need two or more appointments as is the case with traditional crowns. You also do not have to wear a temporary crown till your customized crown is ready.
  • Same day crowns also cost less than traditional crowns. This is because patients generally do not require any additional appointments and they also do not have to pay for any temporary crowns.
  • Same day crowns are more comfortable. As far traditional crowns are concerned, it takes a few days to get a customized crown made. During that time, patients are required to wear a temporary crown. Temporary crowns are not a perfect fit and can often be uncomfortable for patients. There is no such problem with a same day crown. There is no discomfort, no pain and there are no dietary restrictions.


Keep in mind that same day crowns are a better fit for patients who cannot afford two sessions or have monetary or time-related constraints for additional sessions. For some patients, traditional crowns work better, but this is true for those who are willing to wait for their customized tooth crown. In addition, some patients feel that traditional metallic crowns are more durable and also have a better bonding capacity. This may be true for some dental patients, but for others, porcelain crowns may be visually more appealing.


When Do Same Day Crowns Make Sense?


Same day crowns are ideal i

  • f you want to restore your oral health quickly and bring back your smile in a matter of hours. If you are not going to be available for a second session or are leaving town, same day crowns are the ideal solution for you.
  • Same day crowns are also necessary if there is a risk of additional injury to the tooth. In order to prevent further injury, it may be in your interest to go for a quick fix so that any further injuries can be avoided.  With the traditional crown, you are always fitted with a temporary crown for a few weeks, and in some cases, this temporary crown may dislodge as the fit is not perfect. This can lead to more damage to the tooth. With same day crowns the risk of damage to the tooth is minimal. In addition, with the same day crown there is less preparation and drilling of your tooth, and hence, your tooth still retains its natural bone and remains strong.
  • Same day crowns are very effective at restoring function within a few hours. This is a very big advantage and something that patients should consider when they are thinking about their dental treatment options.


Same day crowns cost almost as much as traditional crowns, but since patients save on the cost of additional sessions as well as on the temporary crowns, they end up being a much more sensible choice. Some people prefer to get things done quickly. It may be because of their work schedule or their need to find a quick solution. Whatever the case may be, same day crowns have now become increasingly popular.


As more and more dentists embrace the CAD (Computer Aided Designing) and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) technology, the quality of same day crowns have really improved. Today, CEREC crowns can be fit in within a single appointment, do not require long preparation time and are completely effective. Your dentist does not need to create any tooth impressions. They can simply use an intraoral camera and take 3D images of the tooth. The results are precise and accurate, and all this can be achieved within no time.


There is no excuse for delaying this treatment if you have broken, worn out, misshaped, discolored or decaying teeth. A good dentist can help you deal with this situation in no time. All you need to do is talk to them about same day crowns and how they can be suitable for you.

Dental Care at The Foleck Center

At the Foleck Center, we have a team of dentists that are always available discuss the different treatment options with you. If you don’t have the time in your schedule to visit our office again and again, but you need crowns to fix and/or repair your teeth, you can contact our clinic, and we can provide you same day crowns. This is a fast and efficient service, and many of our patients have been very satisfied with the results. You must understand that even if you don’t have the time or the funding for additional sessions, you should not delay treatment for dental issues. This usually results in more complications and much higher costs if the teeth become worse. Talk to our dental team and find out how they can help you. If you have questions about traditional crowns versus same day crowns, feel free to ask

Many patients think that a quick solution might not be as effective or that the results would be short-term. That is not the case with same day crowns. The crowns are designed using a computer-aided software. They are designed for your teeth and will be a good fit. Call us today, and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have about crowns, different types of crowns, whether same day crowns will be a better fit or traditional crowns; whether porcelain crowns are better or metallic. Schedule your first free consultation at our clinic, and you can discuss all relevant issues with our dentists. Taking an informed decision is very important, and we want to ensure that your experience is comfortable and that you are perfectly satisfied with the results. Call The Foleck Center today. We can find the perfect matching crown for your teeth, and we can do it all within one day.