Why Are Root Canals Expensive?


If you need a root canal the first thought that enters your mind relates to cost. Overall, your root canal cost may vary depending on several factors , so our team would be happy to go over the many steps go into a root canal and explain all of the details prior to your procedure. The Foleck Center is the leading dentist for root canal treatment in Virginia Beach, and we welcome you to join our dental family!

What Does a Root Canal Affect?

Your health is our priority, and when we recommend a procedure, we look at all options. Root canals treat infections in the pulp or root of a tooth. The pulp houses the nerves and blood vessels of the tooth. When this is inflamed or infected the tooth will start to die, and the patient can lose their tooth.

Our team will do everything to save your tooth before resorting to root canal treatment. Root canals are an amazing treatment to restore your tooth, and prevent the tooth from further deterioration. If you are looking for an affordable dentist near you, we recommend contacting The Foleck Center to experience exceptional dental care you can trust.

How Are Root Canals Diagnosed?

In order to diagnose a root canal and determine if treatment is necessary, our doctors must use advanced imaging. This imaging gives our team a clear picture of the inside of your tooth and is extremely important. Imaging does come with a cost, and adds to the expense of root canal treatment.

What Are Benefits of a Root Canal?

Addressing infected teeth is critical especially if the patient is in pain. Root canals aren’t a comfortable procedure, but if not addressed the pain and infection will get worse. Patients that need a root canal are typically in severe pain every time you bite down. Root canals can relieve pain and save your tooth. They involve a process that requires many steps along the way. The costs do add up, but given the level of care and benefits, they are not unreasonable.

Root canals clean out your teeth and seal out bacteria to keep your tooth healthy. Our team always tries to save the tooth before resorting to any other options. If your tooth dies and you require a more extensive procedure the costs will increase.

Our team at The Foleck Center Virginia Beach has years of experience in root canal therapy and many other areas of dentistry. We are a full-service practice and serve patients of all ages. Our patients can trust The Foleck Center to provide quality and affordable dental care. Creating beautiful smiles is what we do, and we always tell patients to call our office right away if you are in any pain. Let our team help you take charge of your oral health.

Looking for a Dentist in Virginia Beach, VA?

If you are interested in finding a dentist near you that provides root canal treatment, we encourage you to contact The Foleck Center. Our office is updated with state-of-the-art equipment, and a comfortable and relaxing environment for our patients.

The Foleck Center offers a Wellness membership program that provides another payment option for our patients. Our program has many plans and offers discounts on services for patients that join. Ask one of our team members to find out more!

Our Virginia Beach office is conveniently located near Timberlake Shopping Center, which makes us a great option for patients living in the area. To schedule your appointment and find out more about root canal therapy, contact The Foleck Center, and our staff will be happy to assist you!