What Are the Advantages of Biolase Waterlase?

The Foleck Center in Norfolk provides many services from general dentistry to implants using the latest technology. Our doctors have years of experience, and are constantly expanding on their education to bring patients the latest equipment and tools. The Foleck Center is the leading Biolase provider in Norfolk, VA. We encourage you to contact one of our four locations, and come experience quality dental care you can trust.

Dental lasers are a new and cutting-edge way to care for your oral health. Lasers can help treat many dental conditions and are gentle and minimally invasive. Biolase is the world’s leader in the dental laser industry. The Foleck Center is proud to offer the Biolase Waterlase laser system to all of our patients.

The Waterlase system is safe and gentle, and is a great alternative to traditional dental tools. Our laser system uses both water and laser energy to perform many dental tasks without a drill. The Waterlase system is able to spray water and keep your tooth hydrated and pain free. Simple procedures like filling a cavity can be done with the Waterlase system, and can be completed quickly in just one visit.

If you are looking for a dentist in Norfolk, VA that is a full-service provider for patients of all ages, The Foleck Center can help. Our patients’ health is our number one priority, and with our training and expertise, we give our patients excellent personalized care.

Benefits of the Waterlase System

  • For those scared of going to the dentist because treatment may be painful, the Waterlase system can help. The laser system gives our doctors the ability to use minimal drilling or anesthetic during your procedure. This makes the procedure quick and easy, and keeps our patients pain free.

  • The Waterlase system uses water, air, and laser energy, and is a safe way to treat many dental issues. The laser is precise and safe to use on human tissue. The laser prevents heat and gives patients a pain-free experience.

  • Waterlase gives our doctors the ability to complete most of your dental needs in a single visit. This helps patients with a busy schedule to avoid having to schedule multiple appointments.

  • Waterlase can be used on pediatric and adult patients, making it universal and easy to use. Our system can remove small amounts of a tooth at a time safely without damaging the rest of the tooth. In most cases no anesthetic is needed, and our patients can sit back and relax during their procedure.

  • The Waterlase system reduces the chance of bacteria contamination. The laser does not touch your tooth, and offers disposable tips that are changed after every use.

Looking for Laser Dentistry in Norfolk?

If you are interested in finding a dentist near you that provides laser dentistry services, The Foleck Center Norfolk is your trusted dental provider.Our Norfolk office is located near Mac Arthur Square, making us a great choice for families in the area.

The Foleck Center offers a wellness membership program. This program gives our patients another option for payment for services in our office. Our program is ideal for individuals, families, retirees, or anyone that does not have dental coverage. To find out more about our wellness program, visit our membership page, or ask one of our team members for more information.

To schedule your appointment and find out more about Waterlase, contact The Foleck Center in Norfolk, VA  and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you!

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