Root Canal Therapy in Virginia

What Are Root Canals?

Each of your teeth has a small pulp on the inside, which houses the blood supply and nerves. When this pulp becomes infected by decay, or exposed due to a crack or fracture in the tooth, it may need to be removed. Root canals are incredibly common procedures, and help to retain the overall structure of a compromised tooth. This prevents the need for an extraction, while simultaneously eliminating any pain or sensitivity specific to that tooth.

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Why Are Root Canals Needed?

One of the most common reasons for needing a root canal is due to decay. Cavities that were left untreated can get to the point where the decay reaches the inner pulp, leading to pain and sensitivity. Another reason for needing a root canal is because you’ve had a tooth crack, break, or fracture in a way that exposes the inner pulp. We will perform an examination to determine if and when a root canal is needed.

root canals in the tooth

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Who Is a Good Candidate for Root Canals?

Most patients who need a root canal done can safely the procedure done. Root canals are necessary for maintaining the actual structure of the tooth, eliminating the need for an extraction. Patients of all ages can benefit from root canals if, and when, they’re needed. The procedure completed in our office is quick and comfortable.

What Happens During the Procedure for Root Canals?

We begin by administering a local anesthetic to the area needing the root canal. We isolate the tooth with a rubber dental dam. The decay is removed from the tooth, and begin work on removing the actual pulp. The canals of the tooth’s roots are carefully cleaned and filled using a medicated material. The hole that was created is then filled with composite resin, which is hardened into place. The dental dam is removed, and you’ll be ready to go home with a tooth that’s free of pain and sensitivity.

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dentist performing a root canal treatment