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A Patient-Focused Approach to Dental Care

At The Foleck Center, your health, comfort, and smile are our top priorities. Led by [location] dentist, Dr. Adam Foleck, our modern office and advanced equipment help ensure we can detect issues early and treat them as efficiently, and comfortably as possible. , Contact us online or by phone to schedule your dental exam so we can start focusing on your stellar smile!

What are Dental Exams?

A dental exam is a routine checkup performed by your dentist, Dr. Foleck, to evaluate your oral health. During an exam at The Foleck Center, Dr. Foleck will check your teeth and gums for signs of decay, infection, gum disease, oral cancer, and other issues. He also examines old dental fillings and other restorations to ensure they sit properly and aren’t compromised. Getting twice-yearly dental exams is crucial for protecting your smile.

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“I’ve been coming to The Foleck Center for years. I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not a fan of coming to the dentist. I chose The Foleck Center BECAUSE of my fear. They’ve provided the UTMOST quality of care since day one. Highly highly recommended!!”

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What Is Preventive Dental Care?

Preventive dental care refers to regular dental visits aimed at stopping oral health problems before they start. This includes semi-annual dental exams, professional cleanings, and necessary X-rays performed by your dentist, Dr. Foleck. With a focus on prevention rather than treatment, patients at The Foleck Center in the Virginia Bay area receive the foundational care required to maintain good oral health and prevent issues down the road.

Importance of Preventive Care

Seeing Dr. Foleck for periodic exams and cleanings is the cornerstone of good preventive dental care. These visits allow early detection of small problems before they become complicated and expensive to treat. For example, identifying minor tooth decay early on means Dr. Foleck can treat it relatively simply with a small filling. However, if decay advances unchecked, you may eventually need a root canal, dental crown, or tooth extraction.

Similarly, Dr. Foleck can detect the early signs of gum disease during an oral exam and provide treatment. When left untreated, gum disease can cause chronic bad breath, receding gums, bone loss around teeth, and eventual tooth loss. Getting dental exams from Dr. Foleck makes prevention and early intervention possible.

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What Can You Expect at Your Dental Exam?

Your visit with Dr. Foleck will likely start with him examining your head, neck, and soft mouth tissues for abnormalities. Then he’ll evaluate each tooth individually, using instruments like mirrors and probes gently around teeth and gums to check for issues that aren’t visible. He may take X-rays as needed to “see” in between teeth not visible from the outside. Dr. Foleck will also check for signs of grinding, measure gum pockets, and test the reaction of teeth to temperature and percussion.


Based on Dr. Foleck’s findings, he will recommend a customized treatment plan catered to your unique oral health needs. From fillings to oral surgery, Dr. Foleck offers a wide range of dental solutions under one roof. At your exam appointment, you’ll also receive specialized teeth cleaning from one of our skilled hygienists, who will use scalers and polishers to remove plaque buildup both above and below the gum line.

Our Other Preventive Treatments

In addition to exams and cleanings, The Foleck Center offers other preventive services including:

Fluoride: We offer fluoride treatments that help protect teeth, repair early stages of decay, and reverse root sensitivity.

Dental Sealants: These protective coatings adhere to the chewing surfaces of teeth to act as a barrier against decay-causing bacteria.

Gum Disease Treatment: Our dentists and hygienists provide several therapies to halt the progression of gum disease and heal inflamed gums.

Dental X-rays: X-rays allow Dr. Foleck to see between the teeth and evaluate what’s happening under the gums. We use dental radiographs to find issues not visible during your exam.

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Don’t Delay Necessary Dental Care

We sincerely care about the dental health of all our patients here at The Foleck Center. Whether you’re coming from nearby, Hampton, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach, we invite you to become part of our dental family. Our skilled dentists, hygienists, and professional staff will warmly provide you with gentle, quality care in a judgment-free environment. 

Reach out online or by phone so we can schedule your first appointment and get started on the path toward a glowing, confident smile that will make you proud. Your oral health deserves priority and first-class preventive care close to home, so contact us today!