BIOLASE Waterlase in Virginia Beach, Hampton & Norfolk, VA

What Is BIOLASE Waterlase?

BIOLASE Waterlase is a revolutionary new technology that combines air, water, and lasers to replace the dental drill. If you’ve been putting off dental care because of your fear of the drill, and the sounds and vibrations it makes, we welcome you to come into our office to try treatment with Waterlase. Waterlase often requires little to no anesthetic to use, and it’s useful for treating a multitude of different dental conditions.

To learn more, contact our Virginia dentists to schedule an appointment. We have dental offices in four locations for your convenience: Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Hampton Kecoughtan, and Hampton Coliseum.

Why would BIOLASE Waterlase be needed?

The reason you may want, or need Waterlase is because you don’t want a normal dental drill to be used. Because of the high pressure of the Waterlase system, it more precisely removes decay, diseased tissue, and other problems from the mouth, with no pain or discomfort involved. The Waterlase option doesn’t vibrate or make any noise, so it’s completely different from having a dental drill used on your teeth. It’s safer and easier for teeth because there is less damage to the underlying structure when work is being done.

BIOLASE dentistry

“This was my first dentist I went to since I was a child and I have always felt like I was being taken care of properly. They always inform me every step of the way about what is wrong with me teeth and have educated me a lot on how to keep everything healthy.”

Micki Sievers

Patient scared at the dentist

Who’s a Good Candidate for BIOLASE Waterlase?

All of our patients are good candidates for Waterlase technology. We will first perform an exam to help in determining if treatment is needed. The Waterlase technology can be used for cavity treatment, gum recession treatment, cleanings, crowns, and bridge work preparation. It acts similarly to a dental drill but without the pressure, pain, sound, or vibration.

What Happens During a Procedure Using BIOLASE Waterlase?

We will begin the procedure by using the Waterlase device. Oftentimes, no anesthetic is required because there is no pain associated with Waterlase. We then perform the necessary procedure, quickly completing the work so that you can go home and enjoy your cleaner and healthier mouth. The Waterlase device can be used to place fillings, prepare for crowns and bridge work, and handle an array of periodontal-related conditions and treatments. If you are interested in what Waterlase can do for you, we can provide you with information regarding the system at your next appointment.

If you are interested in BIOLASE Waterlase technology, call us today, and our friendly staff members can further help you understand this procedure.

BIOLASE technology