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On top of the comprehensive dental care that our 4 locations offer, we also are proud to provide our patients with the knowledge that they need to ensure that their smiles are healthy.  That’s why we’ve created our dental blog, where patients can get tips & advice on a variety of dental topics!

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Oral Protector

Oral Protector: Mandatory For Some Sports?

A right hook in boxing or a kickboxing kick? Without an oral protector, damage to the mouth and head can be significant. That’s why this type of protector is mandatory in these combat sports. But did you know that other sports could also become safer thanks to this oral protection?

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Misconception Teeth Superjumbo

Milk Teeth: When Do They Fall?

How many times do we talk about taking care of our children’s baby teeth?
More and more parents who come to their children’s dental clinic are aware of the need to take care of the children’s dental health. Despite this, there are still many who do not know what really happens in their children’s mouths as their children grow.

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The Foleck Center Dental Crown Example

What Types of Dental Crowns Can I Get?

Dental crowns are pieces that cover the tooth, protect it, improve its functionality and aesthetics. They are placed when the damage of the natural tooth cannot be corrected with another less invasive method. Thanks to technology, there are many types of materials with which dental covers or crowns can be manufactured. The use of these depends

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The Foleck Center Cartoon Illustration Of Tartar

How Can I Remove Tartar From my Teeth?

The appearance of teeth with tartar creates a bad image. This yellowish layer is annoying and shaves our face in general, as well as causing risks such as tooth decay.  Tartar, also called dental or tartar calculus, is the calcification or hardening of the bacterial plaque on the teeth. His appearance is very unpleasant. It

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The Foleck Center Smiling Family Of 4

How Can I Avoid Staining My Teeth?

When someone smiles, the first thing people will notice is their teeth. If your teeth are not as much shiny as you will want to like them, then most probably, you avoid to smile or showing your teeth in front of others. White, sparkling teeth have become a symbol of exquisiteness in today’s world. Moreover,

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