Teeth Whitening in Virginia

What Is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening can remove years of stains and discoloration from your natural teeth. We utilize two different whitening systems at our office. The first is known as BriteSmile, which is an in-office treatment that can be done in about an hour. Our take-home whitening option is called Day White, because the whitening trays are worn for about an hour each day, providing drastic results you can achieve in the comfort of your own bedroom.

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Why Is Teeth Whitening Needed?

Your teeth can begin to dull and yellow over time with age. If you’re a smoker, chew tobacco, or drink a lot of dark, staining beverages, you’ll find that your teeth stain and discolor faster than when you were young. Whitening is needed to remove these stains and get rid of deep discoloration. Professional whitening yields faster and higher quality results that are expertly monitored throughout the course of treatment.

professional teeth whitening at the dentist

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Teeth whitening at the dentist

Who is a Good Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

You may be a good candidate for whitening if you’re tired of feeling badly about your smile, or if you are planning on attending an upcoming event that wants to look your best. Keep in mind that whitening only has an effect on your natural teeth. If you have restorations, like veneers, fillings, crowns, and bridges, they may not lighten with the use of whitening treatments. However, you can choose to have your natural teeth whitened before these restorations are made and placed for you.

What Happens During Professional Teeth Whitening?

For our BriteSmile system, you’ll come into our office and have a gel applied to the teeth. A bright light is used to accelerate the results you’ll achieve with the system. The gel is removed and reapplied shortly after beginning, and the procedure is considered finished in about an hour. You can experience a smile that’s up to 14 shades lighter before leaving the office. Our Day White system provides you with whitening trays and a patented gel formula that you use at home. The trays should be worn for an hour each day, for about two weeks. You’ll experience a smile that’s 14 shades whiter than before beginning the process.

If you think you may need whitening or want to learn more about your options, call us today and we can get you in for a consultation appointment.

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