Dental X-Rays in Virginia

Up Your Oral Health Game with Dental X-Rays 

Sometimes threats to your oral health hide unseen beneath the surface of your smile. Left undetected, small problems can lead to extensive, expensive complications that may negatively impact overall wellness down the road. That’s why the  Virginia Bay dentists at The Foleck Center, utilize advanced dental X-rays as a safe, painless way to thoroughly assess what’s going on inside your mouth.

What Are Dental X-Rays?

Dental X-rays, also known as radiographs, are essential imaging tests that allow Dr. Foleck and his Virginia Bay area team to visualize hidden areas of the teeth, mouth, and jaw that can’t be seen during a clinical dental exam alone. These specialized images depict the internal structure of hard and soft tissues, helping identify issues like tooth decay, infections, cysts, tumors, bone loss, and more in their very early stages. 

Several types of dental X-rays are tailored to reveal particular areas of the mouth in sharp detail. Dr. Foleck may recommend bitewing X-rays for cavity detection, periapicals to scrutinize individual teeth roots, panoramic X-rays to survey all upper and lower teeth in one swooping view, and other X-rays depending on your unique oral health needs.

Why Do I Need Dental X-Rays at The Foleck Center?

Dental X-rays fill crucial gaps in knowledge by spotlighting budding issues too subtle to display symptoms or be seen by the naked eye alone. The American Dental Association and Dr. Foleck recommend regular dental X-rays as an integral supplement to clinical exams for optimal preventive care and early detection of threats to your oral and overall health. Custom-tailored dental X-rays allow Virginia Bay’s own Dr. Adam Foleck to:

  • Accurately diagnose oral diseases in the earliest and most treatable stages
  • Develop and modify individualized treatment plans for optimum oral care
  • Monitor changes in your oral health from year to year
  • Pinpoint hidden dental problems before they become complex and painful
  • Evaluate gum health and changes in the underlying bone
  • Determine best placement options for implants, braces, dentures, and more ahead of time
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“I’ve been coming here for a few years now and love it. The hygienists are all fantastic and this is the only place where it doesn’t hurt when they clean my teeth. Thank you Foleck Center!”

Sam Dorman

What Does Getting Dental X-Rays at The Foleck Center Involve?

Dr. Foleck’s Virginia Bay dental office uses advanced digital radiography for clearer image quality, lower radiation exposure, and faster image access. The team provides lead aprons and shields to keep radiation from affecting the thyroid and other vulnerable areas during X-rays. 

For most standard dental X-rays, you simply sit or stand still while a technician positions the small film panel inside your mouth, then step outside while the image is captured. Imaging plate scanners produce the dental X-ray picture within seconds! 

For panoramic films, you stand while the external machine rotates around the head. The easy, painless process only takes five to ten minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Optimize Prevention & Care with Dental X-rays

Every smile deserves the utmost care and attention, not just now but for years to come. That’s why at The Foleck Center, Dr. Adam Foleck leverages advanced dental X-rays and therapies to reveal threats early when they are most treatable. Don’t watch idly as hidden decay, infection, and disease threaten your oral and overall well-being. 


Take action today and schedule your diagnostic dental X-rays with our passionate teams. With compassionate, tailored guidance through advanced preventive and restorative treatments, we’ll safeguard the stunning smile you were meant to have!